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Our Mission

Transparency through Technology.

We use our software and data to provide simple, easy to
understand answers to complex financial questions.

Meet the Founders

Michael Carvin CEO & Co-Founder

Michael's expertise is in financial decision making. In the pre-SmartAsset days, Michael worked in Private Equity. He spent most of his time using financial models to help companies understand how to make better decisions. We believe the same models can help people improve their decision making. Michael is a graduate of Princeton University.

Philip Camilleri CTO & Co-Founder

Philip has been tinkering with gadgets for as long as he can remember. Formerly at ION Trading Inc., Philip managed an international team of developers building trading solutions for top-tier investment banks. A programmer since the days of BASIC on 8-bit Atari computers, Philip dreamed of becoming a lawyer before realizing he could make a career out of making machines work.

Our Investors

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